Two plenar meetings of the Plant Cultivation Committee are planned in 2014:

1. on 24 March, room 2604, 11:00
2. on 17 November, room 2513, 11:00

A plenary meeting of the Plant Cultivation Committee was held on 18 November 2013 in Warsaw. The subject of the meeting included:

1. Prof. dr. hab. Sławomir Podlaski’s speech on “State and prospects of development of agricultural sciences in the field of agronomy”

2. Discussion about the speech

3. Information about the development of projects concerning:

–  “Promoting the offer of scientific units in the field of research and expert services for agriculture, based on the existing diagnostic equipment” -

–  “Identification of chances and threats for development of agricultural sciences and agricultural education in Poland (performance of SWOT analysis)”

–  “Evaluation of National Frames of Qualification from the point of view of vocational education in various fields of agricultural studies”

4. Information about action taken aiming at improving the categorization of scientific journals publishing papers in agronomy – dr hab. inż. Jadwiga Andrzejewska (presentation can be found under the tab News and Events – Presentations)